Session 7: Sense Everyone's Motive!
Shit's bad, yo.

We pick up right where we left off last session, with the magic mongols having regrouped after the caravan made it into the abandoned fortress. The dust cloud that could be seen at the end of last session turned out to be 90 more magic mongols. The group spent the rest of the day fortifying the fortress and saw that, when the larger group of riders arrived, one clad in fine robes slew the leader of the 10 that had harassed the party. Five more were left to add to the seven, with one captain. 12 riders remained. Thus began the slow process of starvation and disease. For four days the party attempted to survive by stealing away from the fort at night and collecting food. This worked well for the first night, but the riders were alerted and further nights yielded less food. As the villagers began to get sick, some of the party contracted disease as well. Sharla and Langston discussed the possibility that Dante had set the bombs After three or four days, a rider appeared to ride towards the fort. He was attacked by riders on his way in, and made it into the fort, but took several arrow wounds on the way. Overnight, Dante snuck into his tent and slew him with his own sword, over a sleeping Sharla . In the morning, Langston went into the tent to check on him and found the corpse near Sharla.

Session 6: General 2: Electric Douchaloo

The party started off at the rebel base, where Ina and Dante had just returned from having their big bonding experience. They came out to the party and didn’t tell them about the actual rebel plan or the whole “having to kill someone” thing, but told them about a plan similar to the actual one. The party then proceeded to have an argument about what to do next: Langston and Sharla were in favor of reporting the location of the rebel base to the military base that they knew of, but Ina was against it. Ina thought that it was best to just let the two sides duke it out as they were going to and let what happens happen. She argued that since this particular rebel plan was not targeting civilians, the party should not reduce the rebel’s options to make successful purely military attacks, or else risk them getting desperate and resorting to more civilian attacks. Langston was focused on the attacks on civilians that had been carried out back in Cairnwell and was concerned that the group would keep carrying these attacks out unless they were stopped. His position was that the party had not been convinced of the righteousness of the rebels’ plan or cause and thus he was in favor of stopping them if possible. Sharla, Tamrid, and Dante all agreed. The party agreed to go to the military base to report on the rebel base. Ina was against the idea, and the party was worried that she would go report back to the rebel base, but Langston was against stopping her. So the party kept watch overnight and made sure she didn’t leave, then rode to the military base. They got there late at night, then made camp.

The next morning, they heard loud noises that were later identified to be shots. Ina and Tamrid stayed about half an hour out from the base, where they made camp. The other three went to the camp to report what they had seen to the leader of the fort. They went into the camp and Dante noted that he was nervous about having to lie to the general about how they knew the camp was a rebel base. Langston and Sharla told him that they would say that Sharla had become invisible and gone in to scout it out. Regardless, Dante said he would stay outside the other general’s office. Langston and Sharla went in and reported to the other general where the rebel base was and what they had seen inside. The general seemed disdainful of their information and offered them 50 gold for their work. Langston and Sharla turned it down and left, taking Dante with them. As they were leaving the base, they met back up with Ina and Tamrid.

At this point they were about to leave when three explosions (and then one more) tore through the air. The party (minus Ina and Tamrid) went to offer their assistance to the fort but were quickly rebuffed. They then turned around and left the fort as soon as possible. While traveling south, they debated where to go. They noticed that one of the explosions had torn a hole in the line, meaning that the riders of Darkhan were about to stream through that hole and make life very bad for the rest of the country. Langston suggested going to the city that the rebels had mentioned Darkhan might target, but was dissuaded by the rest of the party. Ina mentioned that the farmers might be more vulnerable so a plan was made to go to the nearest village and protect people there. It turned out that the closest village was the village with the Lusty Spigot, where they had spent a night recently. They rode hard and reached the village in about 3/4 of a day. Once there, they warned the innkeeper that they had met before that an invading army was approaching and that they needed to move the townspeople to a safer location or fortify the town. The town itself was barely fortifiable, so they rounded up the townspeople, surrounding farmers, and some supplies, and decided to head for a nearby abandoned fort. Langston, Sharla, and 10 people, some of them armed, rode for the fort to prepare it. They arrived there in about a day, at nightfall, and started to patch up some of the walls in the old fort. The rest of the party gathered about 90 people and some supplies into carts and rode for the fort much more slowly, taking about two days to reach the fort. During this time, they were spotted by two mongols at night and fired a flaming arrow into the sky. Two members of the party rode after them but were unable to get them. They then sent a crow to the fort warning Langston and Sharla about the fact that they had been spotted.

At this point Sharla rode off from the fort to go ride to the party. The party with the carts then saw 10 riders coming towards them as the fort came into view about 600 feet away. They started going towards the fort but were quickly set upon by the riders. They decided to leave the carts where they were and hurry the civilians on foot. They attempted to delay or kill some of the riders but most of them were unaffected. Small, incremental progress, was made. The fort, where five archers were set up, started to fire at the riders when they were 300 feet away. The party continued to hinder the riders: Tamrid sprinted extremely fast and punched one of them, Sharla summoned a swarm of monkeys on another rider, Dante calmed at least one, Ina caused one to ride off laughing hysterically, and Langston and the archers continued to pelt the riders with arrows at the fort. Finally the civilians were shepherded into the fort and the four remaining riders broke off. As the civilians were herded in, however, a cloud of dust could be seen coming towards the fort. More riders?


Upon defeating the ants, the some members of the party noticed that there was a church on the hillside. Upon approaching it the sky seemed to grow darker and the party noticed that it was surrounded by skeletons. Getting closer the party heard a cry from help from within the church and Langston observed that the doors likely wouldn’t hold much longer. As such, the party decided that they needed to rush to the aid of whoever was inside. So, while Inari tried to stealth up to the church Langston stood tall and fired at the skeletons which made Inari’s crawling around completely useless. As the others went in for the attack Sharla told the little girl that the party had picked up to hide behind a tree. Then, even without stealth though the party quickly defeated the skeletons. This is kind of a lie as Dante didn’t do jack throughout the entire battle. After the battle the party tried to make contact with whoever was trapped inside.

This person was very concerned that the party might actually be skeletons in decide trying to pretend to be humans so that they could gain entrance. To determine if they were humans the man inside the church asked the party what having muscles felt like. They seemed to answer this question correctly so the man opened the church door and said that there was one final test. He proceeded to throw protein powder on each member of the party because skeletons react very negatively to the powder, so he believed. All party members who aren’t Sharla loved the powder and so the man who introduced himself as Dom Mazzetti let the party inside.

During this time the little girl had run off and was no where to be found when the party called for her. However, she eventually wandered out of the forest with an owl on her shoulder and ran to Sharla when she saw her.

The party at this point realized that the church that they had found was dedicated to the powerful generous god Kenneth and that its front was inlaid with his glorious deeds.

Owl Sightings
Hoo. Hoo.

Hoot hoot.

Session 5: The College of -1 Racism
Wow damn that looks magical

After leaving the area with the party, the four members of the party rode for roughly a day towards the college of mages, and got to about an hour or two away before making camp for the night. The next morning, they headed more closely to the College of Magic and met Sharla, who had ridden the main roads hard to catch up with the party. The whole party then approached the doors to the college, which were flanked by two magi. The party asked to enter but most were blocked. One of the magi declared that he would let “only the human in,” and referred to Langston. Langston, very confused, asked if the other three seemingly human members of the party were not human. The guard repeated himself and the party debated how to proceed. Langston went inside, taking half the ashes they had collected. He was led to the archmage and described the events that they had witnessed in Nah’May. After he was done, the archmage said that the rest of the party could be let into the college. He then asked Langston if he knew the location of Nah’May and then let him point to it on an incredibly detailed map. Langston was then led down to the outside of the college where the rest of the group was waiting, and they all went up to talk to the archmage. The group is then brought through the gates and goes to talk to the archmage. Langston then remembers to ask the archmage about the planar rift

Session 4: The Road Trip of +1 Bonding

The party met back up at the inn after doing some shopping in the marketplace and went to bed. Early in the morning, Langston woke up to a knock at his door. When he asked who it was, the person replied that he was The General. Langston let him in and the general described how the prisoner had died during the night. Before Langston could react, however, Inari (“Ina”) revealed herself to be in disguise as The General. Langston was taken aback and almost threw her out of his room but listened to her concerns about working for The General and how that scenario was more believable than they would like. Langston also accepted her gift of Oil of Silence.

Later in the morning, they went to meet with The General to check on the prisoner that they had brought back. The General told us that they had not gotten much else but they had some idea about a base near the border with Darkhan. A messenger then came into the room informing The General that the prisoner had died. The party then left, some in a huff, and met up again outside the tower. Langston made it clear that someone in the party knew where the base was, but Dante started walking away after Ina made a comment about the party burning things down. As he was walking away, Langston called after him, accusing him of knowing where the base was and wasting their time. Ina ran after Dante and convinced him to come back to the inn where the group discussed leaving for the base up north. Sharla had been missing for some time and the party felt the need to leave, so they left her a note leading her in the direction they were proceeding. They then informed the general that they were going up north to look for the base, got a letter of introduction to any other military personnel they might need to report to, bought their horses. and set off.

The group journeyed for the rest of the day and made camp about 20 miles outside of the city. Around midnight they were all woken up by a huge noise and a vibration in the air. Ina and Tammy, who were sleeping outside, saw a huge explosion and something that looked like horizontal lightning before it. The group decided to head towards where the explosion had been. They packed up camp and rode for about two hours before discovering the site of the explosion – a massive crater. They investigated the crater and found that it was in the middle of several hills. Looking from the center of the crater, they saw that there was a line of destroyed trees and devastation coming from a nearby village. Detecting magic, Ina and Dante found that the magic here had no school and was unlike anything they had ever experienced.

Langston and Ina stealthily moved to the village (later found to be called Nah’May) looking for signs of life. They saw none; the whole village looked dead. The party circled around the outside of the village then moved slightly closer to the village center to see a circle of objects on the ground – 50 of them, about as many residents as the village was likely to have. All of the houses had signs of life in them, but no people, as if the residents had simply left what they were doing suddenly. One house, however, showed signs of a struggle and seemed to be where the town’s resident spellcaster lived. Langston and Ina investigated the house and found three things: a trail of blood from the house out to the circle, the word “divination” written on the wall, and a cup of tea used in divination spells. From these clues Ina was able to guess that the spellcaster had been casting divination spells and might have known what was going to happen.

Langston and Ina then wanted to investigate the center of the circle, but Dante was worried about the possible consequences of going in and Tammy was hesitant to go. After an argument between Langston and Dante, Langston and Ina went to the center of the circle and looked at the bodies. All of them had their hands tied behind their backs and their heads were almost cut from their bodies, hanging only by their spinal columns. Ina detected magic and was blinded for a round from how much residual magic was in the area. Langston noticed two sets of footprints behind every person – one for the person and one light set for another figure that ended behind them and didn’t seem to go anywhere else. Finally, the trail of blood ended at a figure missing his right hand. Langston remembered that there had been a lot of blood at a certain spot in the house. The group got back together and went back to the crater to see if they could figure anything else out. They found that the giant cloud of smoke that had formed was slowly depositing a fine dust on the area that had slight traces of magic. Ina scooped some of this up. The party resolved to go visit the College of Magic and report this to them. They traveled away from the site and set up camp again.

In the morning they were all awoken with a loud crack about 1000 feet away. They quickly packed up camp and went to investigate. After stealthily moving through a lightly forested area they found three elementals – an air elemental, a medium water elemental, and a small water elemental, and something that looked like a rift between planes. The party surmised that the elementals had come through it at some point. They were wondering what to do, so they set up an ambush and had Ina go try to introduce herself to them. The elementals reacted badly and attacked the party, and were quickly dispatched by the party. Afterwards, the party tested the rift and found that it connected to a number of planes, rapidly switching between the planes to which it was connected. They tested the rift by tossing in a stick tied to a tree, but found that it was quickly damaged. They decided that it was unlikely that other elementals would enter through it and left the area, noting it down as one more thing to report to the College of Mages.

Session 3: The Fungeon!

With Inari (“Ina”) and Tammy in prison, the party went to see The General to talk about releasing them. The General got Tammy out of prison, but because Ina had fought back in getting caught, he could not secure her release. The party visited the prison they were being held in, called “the Fungeon,” and took Tammy with them, also telling Ina why she could not be released. She didn’t seem too disturbed, and started singing songs to keep herself occupied. The guards were not pleased.

The party decided to act on Langston‘s information and go investigate the area that he had heard about. The party journeyed to the area described in the information Langston had received and scouted it out. The area was moderately forested and had a path leading to a cabin, as well as an owl that said “hoot hoot.” The party scouted around the cabin and saw that there was only a single person inside, apparently acting as a lookout. As they hid in the woods, they saw five more rough-looking men enter the cabin, but didn’t see them after a few minutes, and so surmised that they had descended through a trap door somewhere in the cabin. The party discussed how to proceed and decided that the best course of action would be to take the lookout prisoner and bring him back to The General for questioning. To do this, they had Sharla create an image of a young kid who would knock on the front door of the cabin and then run away. Dante would, at the same time, create the sound of knocking on the door. The idea was then to have the lookout chase the kid and then ambush and quickly subdue the lookout.

The party put the plan into motion and stunned the lookout, but in the process, knocked Langston unconscious. Dante went into the cabin to ensure that the other five group members would not follow the party, and to make sure of it, set fire to the cabin. The group dragged Langston and the lookout behind a tree and hid as the cabin started to burn more intensely. Screams could be heard from the inside of the cabin and eventually an explosion ripped through the cabin’s underside, destroying it. Langston and Dante argued about the act of setting the cabin on fire, and then the group set about bringing the unconscious lookout back to Cairnwell. They brought him back to The General, who had his men take the captive into an interrogation chamber. The General also gave each member of the party a note telling the treasurers to give them each 2000 gold pieces. the party went back to the Fungeon to let Ina out. Langston and Dante then went to watch the beginning of the interrogation to get information, and after some initial uncooperative behavior, the lookout whispered information about a camp to the north to Dante. Dante had mentioned that if such a place existed, they would go to hear the leaders of the movement speak their piece. Dante then walked out of the chamber, Langston following. The two then had a discussion about what to do with the info; Langston only knew that the prisoner had given Dante some info about such a camp. He did not know where the camp itself was. Meanwhile, Ina, Tammy, and Sharla went shopping. The party all headed back to the inn in the evening.


Session 2: Explosions in the Marketplace

The party reported back to The General about the contract devil and the mage in the sewers, but he had other things on his mind. He asked if the party would be interested in one more job, and after they said yes, he described to them a problem that faced the country: a terrorist organization called The Sons of Blackwood was known to be planning a possible attack on the city and he wanted to possibly stop it before it happened. He asked the party to go seek out known contacts of this group in the city’s black market and gave them a list of names that they could ask about. He promised to reward them generously for their time. The party discussed this after the meeting and decided to go investigate. Inari (“Ina”) knew of some contacts in a local marketplace that could lead the party to the location of the black market. She knew of one specific person who had information. The party went into the market to look for her contact’s stall but found the contact was not present when they reached it. The party was somewhat confused and looked around for anyone who they could ask. They saw a male figure dart away suspiciously and Ina went and grabbed him. This man turned out to be Stall Guy, who quickly became agitated at Ina’s questioning. This was not helped by Langston coming over to attempt to calm him down. This was further not helped by Langston pulling out his musket and telling Stall Guy to calm down again. At this, guards started to notice the disturbance and come over. They put manacles on Langston after he surrendered, but Dante talked them down somewhat. It seemed like the party would be able to go back and investigate the stall more when a man with a dead-set look in his eyes set off a bomb in the middle of the market.

Two more explosions could be heard from other markets nearby. Four of the five party members were knocked clean out, with the exception of Ina. In the aftermath of the explosion, she tried to heal those around her, but unfortunately was not successful most of the time. As the party woke up, mostly ok, they attempted to help those around them. Langston’s hands were still manacled, though the cuffs had been broken. He also insisted on not being healed by Ina, much to her confusion. As medics arrived at the scene, the party attempted to help them, but were eventually unable to help much more. At some point during this scene, Dante became suspicious of the fact that Ina had escaped damage and went off to a nearby park. He eventually came back and the party went off to an inn to discuss their next moves. Sharla went to go write in her journal, Langston and Dante to go search for info independently, and Ina and Tammy went to go search around together. Dante asked the city’s seedier areas and was eventually confronted by thugs who were not pleased at his questioning, but he talked his way out of it. Ina and Tammy went to a bar and attempted to get into a possibly suspicious meeting, but it turned out to be a sting operation and they were both arrested. Ina fought back a little bit against the guards. Langston went out and looked into another bar, and was able to talk his way into listening in on a covert meeting where he learned that the terrorists were culling low-level operatives to close leaks and that they had an area outside of the city where they were regrouping. He then went back to his inn for the night.

Session 1: In Deep Shit
Devils and Sewers and Babies, oh my!

The party all gathers together in the waiting room to talk to The General. Each person arrives in the waiting room in turn, and they all display their particular personality quirks. Langston, a gruff gunslinger, arrived first, carrying his musket. The next to arrive was Dante, an oracle with a limp. Inari (“Ina”) the jovial bard was the next to arrive, then Tammy the elven monk, and finally Sharla, a mage.

They all meet with The General who commissions them to investigate screams that have been heard coming from the sewers. The party walked to the sewers and journeyed down into them where they came across several flying homunculi. The party quickly dispatched them but then discovered, further on, walls covered in words written in blood and feces. The writings were crazed and only became more dense as the passage went on. After following the passage for a bit, the party was addressed by a voice coming from an opening further down the hall. The voice told the party something to the effect of “There’s no point in running, I can already see you.” This caused some distress in the party, after which he told them to enter. The party entered the chamber and met a devil, two support devils, and a human wizard. The main devil told the party that he wished to use the party to test his servant. The party fought the human wizard, who was losing when he asked the devil for help. The devil laughed and sent his two support devils to help. The party fought all three of them for a bit, and then the chief devil commanded the fight to end. He teleported all of them away, and the party reported back to The General and told him what had transpired.

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