Session 6: General 2: Electric Douchaloo

The party started off at the rebel base, where Ina and Dante had just returned from having their big bonding experience. They came out to the party and didn’t tell them about the actual rebel plan or the whole “having to kill someone” thing, but told them about a plan similar to the actual one. The party then proceeded to have an argument about what to do next: Langston and Sharla were in favor of reporting the location of the rebel base to the military base that they knew of, but Ina was against it. Ina thought that it was best to just let the two sides duke it out as they were going to and let what happens happen. She argued that since this particular rebel plan was not targeting civilians, the party should not reduce the rebel’s options to make successful purely military attacks, or else risk them getting desperate and resorting to more civilian attacks. Langston was focused on the attacks on civilians that had been carried out back in Cairnwell and was concerned that the group would keep carrying these attacks out unless they were stopped. His position was that the party had not been convinced of the righteousness of the rebels’ plan or cause and thus he was in favor of stopping them if possible. Sharla, Tamrid, and Dante all agreed. The party agreed to go to the military base to report on the rebel base. Ina was against the idea, and the party was worried that she would go report back to the rebel base, but Langston was against stopping her. So the party kept watch overnight and made sure she didn’t leave, then rode to the military base. They got there late at night, then made camp.

The next morning, they heard loud noises that were later identified to be shots. Ina and Tamrid stayed about half an hour out from the base, where they made camp. The other three went to the camp to report what they had seen to the leader of the fort. They went into the camp and Dante noted that he was nervous about having to lie to the general about how they knew the camp was a rebel base. Langston and Sharla told him that they would say that Sharla had become invisible and gone in to scout it out. Regardless, Dante said he would stay outside the other general’s office. Langston and Sharla went in and reported to the other general where the rebel base was and what they had seen inside. The general seemed disdainful of their information and offered them 50 gold for their work. Langston and Sharla turned it down and left, taking Dante with them. As they were leaving the base, they met back up with Ina and Tamrid.

At this point they were about to leave when three explosions (and then one more) tore through the air. The party (minus Ina and Tamrid) went to offer their assistance to the fort but were quickly rebuffed. They then turned around and left the fort as soon as possible. While traveling south, they debated where to go. They noticed that one of the explosions had torn a hole in the line, meaning that the riders of Darkhan were about to stream through that hole and make life very bad for the rest of the country. Langston suggested going to the city that the rebels had mentioned Darkhan might target, but was dissuaded by the rest of the party. Ina mentioned that the farmers might be more vulnerable so a plan was made to go to the nearest village and protect people there. It turned out that the closest village was the village with the Lusty Spigot, where they had spent a night recently. They rode hard and reached the village in about 3/4 of a day. Once there, they warned the innkeeper that they had met before that an invading army was approaching and that they needed to move the townspeople to a safer location or fortify the town. The town itself was barely fortifiable, so they rounded up the townspeople, surrounding farmers, and some supplies, and decided to head for a nearby abandoned fort. Langston, Sharla, and 10 people, some of them armed, rode for the fort to prepare it. They arrived there in about a day, at nightfall, and started to patch up some of the walls in the old fort. The rest of the party gathered about 90 people and some supplies into carts and rode for the fort much more slowly, taking about two days to reach the fort. During this time, they were spotted by two mongols at night and fired a flaming arrow into the sky. Two members of the party rode after them but were unable to get them. They then sent a crow to the fort warning Langston and Sharla about the fact that they had been spotted.

At this point Sharla rode off from the fort to go ride to the party. The party with the carts then saw 10 riders coming towards them as the fort came into view about 600 feet away. They started going towards the fort but were quickly set upon by the riders. They decided to leave the carts where they were and hurry the civilians on foot. They attempted to delay or kill some of the riders but most of them were unaffected. Small, incremental progress, was made. The fort, where five archers were set up, started to fire at the riders when they were 300 feet away. The party continued to hinder the riders: Tamrid sprinted extremely fast and punched one of them, Sharla summoned a swarm of monkeys on another rider, Dante calmed at least one, Ina caused one to ride off laughing hysterically, and Langston and the archers continued to pelt the riders with arrows at the fort. Finally the civilians were shepherded into the fort and the four remaining riders broke off. As the civilians were herded in, however, a cloud of dust could be seen coming towards the fort. More riders?



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